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Video Panels

Featured below are the abstracts for multiple video presentations featuring student, faculty, and community members of JSCC on various topics in fantasy and science fiction, gaming, horror, and aerial silks. Videos have been archived.

The Magic of Disney

Presenters: Savannah Cleckler, Matthew Johnson, Ashley Kitchens, and Lexi Tippett


Join Ashley Kitchens as she talks with two alumnae of JSCC Clanton (Savannah Cleckler and Lexi Tippett) and one alumnus of JSCC Hoover (Matthew Johnson) who experienced the Magic of Disney first-hand as students in the Disney College Program, and one as a current employee of the Magic Kingdom itself! The panel will begin with introductions of the panelists and a short video montage of recognizable Disney animation time lapse.  Then, the panelists will tell their connection to Jeff State and their journey/progression with Disney and what they are doing now.  After this, the panelists will be posed the following questions to discuss:

  1. How does the Disney brand represent magic?

  2. What are the new challenges during COVID that Disney has in keeping this magic alive?

  3. What is DisneyBounding, and how does this craze add to the Disney magic?

  4. What is your most magical memory of working at or entertaining at as an employee/college program student, or being at Disney as a visitor?

The Witcher Across Genres:  

Variations from Book, Game, and Television Versions

Presented by: Caleb Cleckler, Jennifer Colvin, Jamie King, and Ashley Kitchens 


Join panelists discussing various elements of The Witcher franchise as they debate presentations between the book, television series, and video game versions. The panel will begin with introductions of the panelists and a short synopsis of the presentation. Each panelist will then, in turn, discuss the element he or she will be focusing on and present his or her analysis / debate of the presentations of this element within The Witcher formats. Caleb Clecker ​will discuss the idea of fate as seen in the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game contrasted with the Netflix series. Jennifer Colvin will focus on the notion of mystical destiny/fate, specifically between the characters of Geralt and Ciri from the book and television series. Jamie King will examine the mystical creatures under a notion of monster theory in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game contrasted with the Netflix series. Ashley Kitchens will examine the role of sexuality of the character Yennifer and how it differs in the book and the television series.

Watchmen, a Black History Lesson

Presented by: Jacob Melvin


Jacob Melvin writes, “Over the past few years, the genres of Science Fiction and Horror have been carrying the torch for social commentary concerning racism. Works such as Get Out, Us, Antebellum, and Lovecraft Country all lead to meaningful discourse meant to inspire conversation and, to some degree, social change. While forward thinking and necessary, another series is actually using the genre to teach the underreported past.


Watchmen, Damon Lindelof’s retelling of Alan Moore’s famous comic, paints an alternate reality of history. The story features superheroes treated as outlaws, an incredibly complex plot spanning decades and dimensions, and a world where science, religion, and immortality converge. Amid these bold choices, however, is a backstory rooted in a shocking piece of history: The Tulsa Massacre. Most people are unaware of Black Wall Street, the burning of Tulsa, and the history regarding Ta-Nehisi Coates’ famous article, The Case for Reparations. There are numerous other examples, such as Bass Reeves and the KKK spin-off, Cyclops, yet none of this is common knowledge (or even taught) in today’s America. Perhaps the whitewashing of history books is to blame, but the series is able to bring to light these important historical tragedies in a way that educates the viewer and encourages further research.”


Join Jacob Melvin for a presentation on this HBO series.

Aerial Silks Demonstration

Performed by: Jessica Bonds, Sydney Cromwell, Kelsey Nicole and Ashley Kitchens


Amateur and professional aerialists Sydney Cromwell, Jessica Bonds, Ashley Kitchens, and Kelsey Nicole perform routines on aerial silks and aerial lyra to magic-themed tunes.

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